Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daily Dose, Saturday June 13

Hope has had a very good couple of days. On Friday she got up out of bed and played on the floor with her physical therapist again. She tried to tell him at first that she wasn't in the mood to play and she wanted to sleep, but everytime she would pretend to sleep, she'd open her eyes back up and find that he was still there!! Finally she figured, 'what the heck' and decided since she was up she might as well play.

As you can see from the last picture, Hope is still enjoying her mirror. She fell asleep watching herself in it.

Hope has broken another weight milestone. Her latest weight is ..... drum roll please.... 10 POUNDS 2 OUNCES!!! Hope is now over 10 pounds!!! Way to go Hope!!!!!

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  1. Hope, way to go girl. Keep up the good work - playing with those guys on the floor. What an answer to prayer these last few days have been. We'll be visiting you in Grant before we know it. Signed: Another Robinson Girl - Marty