Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, June 30

Hope's big "event" meeting was today, but wasn't exactly how everyone thought it would go. It was great for Mommy & Daddy to finally meet some people, as many of the people from the home health services Hope will need after she leaves the hospital were there so faces could be put with names. There isn't a lot of concrete information as to what happens between now and when Hope goes home, which the nurses apparently refer to as "going to the zoo." Personally I think that is weird, but that's just my opinion. Hope doesn't want to go to the zoo she wants to go home. The only animals Hope cares about aren't even animals, they are little Ladybugs, other than that, she is uninterested!

Some things that Mommy & Daddy did find out is that Hope is scheduled to have a nissen and g-tube surgery on Thursday afternoon, pending scheduling. These are two surgeries they do at once. The nissen should help to eliminate the reflux that she is having. A lot of babies have an underdeveloped valve that keeps the contents of the stomach where they belong. The nissen creates an artificial valve by wrapping part of the stomach around the esophogus. The other part of the surgery is to place a tube directly into her stomach, providing Hope with a safe way to eat if she can't take all of her food by bottle. After she recovers from the surgery she will start bottle feeding and hopefully will move smoothly up to full feedings!

Hope is excited to bottle feed, but the doctors are a little hesitent. Apparently babies with trachs and on ventilators, like Hope, don't bottle feed. However, as we all know, Hope is not about to be restricted by things that some other babies do and is determined to prove that babies with trachs and on ventilators CAN bottle feed. Hope's swallow study last week showed that she swallowed beautifully (per the norm for Hope). Unfortunately, the doctors are still doubting and ordered ANOTHER swallow study for today. In this study they put a camera down Hope's nose and watched her take a bottle. Hope was a little perturbed and annoyed that they don't believe that she is a beautiful swallower so instead of participating in the test she went to sleep. Surprise surprise, the test was inconclusive.

Aunt Em likes Hope's attitude. Show them who is boss. Keep doing what you do. And when they don't believe you or do something you don't like, protest.

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  1. Hope, I like your attitude as well. Keep it up. I heard your are squeezeable and adorable and I can't wait to meet you some day. Please let Ethin's family know we are praying for them. And remember as always we are praying for you, too. Don't get discouraged by the amount of time you have to spend in the hospital - remember, to God our days are like the blink of an eye! And I love your fashion sense as well - our twins have the same little gown you are wearing in today's picture for when they are born! Much love.