Monday, June 8, 2009

Daily Dose, Monday June 8

Hope shared one of daddy's favorite past times with him today - celebrating her support of her (daddy's) favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Hope was so happy when her friend Ann sent her this hat so she can now share a hobby with daddy. Hope and daddy cuddled and talked all about the Red Sox today.

Hope also spent some time playing with Jason her physical therapist and Marla, her occupational therapist. Everyone was very happy with awake and alert Hope was and how well she did with her therapies. Jason talked to mommy and daddy about bringing in some play mats so that Hope can get down on the floor and play with everyone like a regular baby. Hope, mommy and daddy all thought this was a fantastic idea and are all very excited about the idea of getting to play together like that.

Hope took another tub bath today. Although she's still getting used to the sensation of slipping into a tub of warm water she's getting more and more used to the spa treatments. After the warm soak, Hope got a manicure (her fingernails trimmed) and a facial (some aquaphor lotion rubbed on the dry spot on her forehead). Hope thinks she could get very used to this pampering kind of stuff!!

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