Saturday, July 3, 2010

Post Surgery Update

Hope made it very successfully through her cochlear implant surgery. She arrived at U of M and check in around 12:30pm on Thursday. After getting all checked out (blood pressure, temperature, weight etc) we found out that they had not reserved a bed (room) for her following the surgery. There was a scramble to find a bed and when we came close to not being able to find one for her we almost had to pack up and come home. That would not have made anyone very happy! Eventually though (about 2 hours later) they had a bed for her and Hope was wheeled off for surgery.

The surgery began with a test that involved putting needles in her ear and electrically stimulating her auditory nerve. They began with the right ear and found no response. Then they tested the left ear. They had to use more "power" than usual but were able to get a good clear response on the left side. However, they found that as they repeated the stimulation the response diminished. This is called "Adaptation". Unfortunately there isn't a lot of research or knowledge available on this condition. The surgeon felt that it was still worth proceeding and that Hope would still be able to gain access to sound by having the implant done.

Hope's mom, dad, Grandma Holtz, Grandpa Holtz, Grandma Robinson and Grandpa Robinson all waited patently in waiting area for the next 5 hours while the surgery was performed. Everyone was very eager to see her after the surgery and she looked great! She was a bit groggy but seemed to be feeling well. Hope had to stay one night in the hospital but was released the next morning. Although she has been a little more sleepy than usual, she is feeling well and is mostly back to her normal self. There is just a small incision behind her left ear. She will go back to see the surgeon again in two weeks and the big day of activation is August 17th!

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  1. Oh Sarah, I can't wait to hear how it goes!!! Please keep us updated on your precious girl!