Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hope's Tribute to Father's Day

Hope wanted to show everyone about all the special fathers in her life since she only was able to spend time with Daddy and Grandpa R on Father's Day.

Hope and her Daddy

Hope and Grandpa R (spending quality time after Grandpa R's long trip)

Hope with Daddy and Grandpa R

Hope with Grandpa H (a few months ago)

Hope with Mommy and Great-Grandpa H

Hope and Great-Grandpa H

Hope especially wanted to include pictures of her and Great-Grandpa H. Sadly, Great-Grandpa H passed away yesterday, but Hope is soooo glad that she got to meet him a few times while she was still in the hospital and that they got some good pictures together that she'll be able to look at when she gets older.

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