Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, December 22

Hope & Great-Grandma

Hope looking cute in her cute slippers

Hope hanging out in the living room

As you can see from the adorable pictures, Hope is doing pretty well. In the first picture, Great-Grandma was worried that Hope's hands were getting cold so she decided to share her gloves, always thinking. Hope also has some great little bunny slippers.

Hope has been doing good. Her weight has been pretty consistent, she is weighing in at 23 pounds!!!

The only big change for Hope is that she has currently been relocated from her bedroom to the living while her bedroom is being remodeled. Hope definitely misses her bedroom, but she has enjoyed looking at the Christmas Tree nonstop and has been pining over all the boxes under the tree, imaging all of the things that are inside of them. Hope definitely likes Christmas but DOES NOT enjoy the snow and the cold. She has been wondering why the family farm isn't in Florida and why Great-Grandma was a farmer not an alligator rancher in the warmth.

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