Friday, December 25, 2009

Daily Dose: Merry Christmas 2009

Hope on Christmas Eve

Hope wondering how many more presents she has to open

Hope and all of Daddy's family on Christmas Eve

Hope's Christmas Ladybug outfit

Hope with Mommy & Daddy on Christmas Day

Hope and her stocking

All of the excitement wore Hope out

After the presents, Hope hanging out with Grandma & Great-Grandma

As you can see from the pictures. Hope had a great Christmas. She was very glad to be home for Christmas this year instead of in the NICU like last year. Hope got to spend lots of time with family which she always loves to do.

We'll put more of a substantive post up soon, but couldn't wait to show you all of Hope's Christmas fun!!


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  2. Merry Christmas Hope!!! Emily thank you for taking the time to continue to keep us all posted....I still truly love reading about Hope and how she is doing. Love Hugs, and Blessings, Jessica

  3. The Pictures are adorable and so are all of you Great Grandpa and All of us here Are just Amazed to be able to see and find out how you are all Doing we get are doze Of Hope's site and Aunt Em keeps us all posted Thanks alot And Happy New Year to you all And to Our sweet Little Hope We Love you So much Uncle Phil