Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big Things for Hope

Hope has had lots of exciting things happening in her life. The first big announcement is that Hope is going to be a BIG sister!! Hope is looking forward to meeting her little sister in November. Everything has gone really well so far. Hope is also looking forward to being able to sit on her mom's lap again!

In September, Hope started school. She goes to pre-school at the Primary Center two mornings a week. Hope LOVES going to school. Really. She is all smiles. It has been really nice for Hope to meet some friends her own age. Hope has friends at school and her teachers are great!

Hope had a busy summer. She loves to be outside and, apparently, has become a big fan of camping. Hope was able to go with her mom and dad, and Grandma & Grandpa R, on a long camping trip to the U.P. in July. She also went camping at PJ Hoffmaster State Park in June and had a great time there too.

Hope was especially excited that she got to see her Grandma & Grandpa H two times recently. Along with her Aunt Kim and her cousins from North Carolina for a few days. It was a lot of fun!

Hope always has something exciting going on but that's all for now. Just thought we'd share a little bit of Hope's life this fall. She is growing all the time but still the cutest little Hope in the world.

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