Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hope's Hospital Visit

Hope could use some extra prayers right now. She is currently in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital.

As you know, Hope has been off the ventilator and doing fantastic breathing on her own! However, on Sunday morning, Hope had a little episode where she stopped breathing completely and had to get assistance from Mom & Dad. They ended up taking her to the Emergency Room, but she had stabilized by that time and really just enjoyed all the attention from the doctor's and nurses at the hospital. The doctor's said Hope could go home and gave instructions to "watch closely", as if that has EVER been a problem!! Clearly they don't understand we can't take our eyes off this cute little girl!

Then yesterday (Monday), Hope had another episode in the morning where she just wasn't breathing. So Mom got her back up and breathing, called the doctors (as well as Dad and Grandma & Grandpa R) and the doctors at Motts said they wanted to see Hope, STAT! So everyone loaded up the car and they headed down to Ann Arbor yesterday. Hope has been enjoying her hospital stay, loving the attention she is getting from everyone, being cute, per the usual. Unfortunately, the doctors needed Hope to stay overnight for monitoring. They aren't sure what is causing these episodes so they are running more tests today and hopefully we'll have some answers soon.

Keep Hope in your prayers!

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