Monday, October 25, 2010

Hope's 300th Blog Entry

In honor of the 300th post on Hope's blog, I decided to post some recent pictures of the cutiepie herself. Please, brace yourself, there is about to be a cute overload!!!!

Hanging out with Great-Grandma

Hello, I'm waiting for some food to taste

Hope's Mommy put some of Grandma R's applesauce on Hope's tongue... her eyes got HUGE and then....

Super big smile. She LOVES the applesauce (rightfully so)

The. Cutest. Girl. EVER

I think this was mid "bouncey bouncey"

She just doesn't stop smiling

Aunt Em, you are so funny!

Hope is SOOO big

So much fun and cuteness... Hope must sleep


  1. Holy cute overload!!!!! She is just so precious!!!!!

  2. Sarah, she is soooo big now!!! Is she turning 2 soon???? What a happy happy girl! How did her sleep study go?