Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Dose: Wedesday, November 11

Ever since Saturday when Hope officially became an 11 month old she has been BUSY!!!

On Sunday the weather was so nice that Mommy & Daddy decided to take Hope for a walk. They walked up to Grandma & Grandpa R's house and saw them for a little while.

They then left Grandma & Grandpa R's house and went to visit with Great-Grandma Vivian & Aunt Dawn. As you can see, Great-Grandma Vivian and Hope Vivian had a lot to talk about. Both of them really enjoyed their little visit.

Hope is becoming such a big girl. Today she did some finger painting. She thought it was fun at the beginning and played along. But....

As you can see, at the end of her paint session she wasn't feeling so artistic. At least she was able to make a finger paint turkey before her inspiration ran out.

In other news... Mommy & Daddy are still in contact with a surgeon to do Hope's cochlear implants and are hoping that next spring they can have them done.


  1. Wow I can not believe that Baby Hope is almost a year old!!! Seems so unreal that it was a year ago that she came blazing into this world with a fight that still amazes me. Thank you Em for taking the time to share her with all of us. I guess this means Ethin's birthday is also fast approaching. Wow!!! And yes the weather was quite amazing this past weekend! Glad all were able to enjoy! Heart Hugs, Love, and Blessings, Jessica

  2. Emily I awarded you with the heart felt Blogger award. Thank you for sharing Hope's journey. Go to my blog to check it out thanks again. Heart Hugs, Love, and Blessings, Jessica